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Sometimes in your life there is a moment when you may be unsure about what to do, it may be linked to a difficult change, a job loss, a break up, the loss of someone close or it can simply be a moment when you realise that your life is not the way you want it to be. At these times an independent coach may be what you are looking for to help you find a way forward that honours the truth of who you are.

As I mentioned on the home page, putting yourself first in your life is most important, but working on yourself and any issues or fears that may be holding you back will also have a positive effect on those around you.

I have trained with two coaching schools, firstly, Martha Beck International and secondly with Co-active coaching. Combining these trainings with the Energy medicine training gives me a unique set of skills to support your transformation.

As a coaching client, we would start with an assessment of where you are currently in your life and then prioritise the areas you want to work with. Each session is an hour, usually over skype or zoom and usually I ask you to commit to at least 6 sessions.

The cost of one session is €60 and this can be paid per session or if 6 sessions are paid for up front then the cost is €300. Payment is by bank transfer.

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