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What does an energy session consist of?

The first session is always a bit longer (1.5 hours) and you will already have completed an intake form which we will then refer to whilst setting the goals of the sessions. Then I will do some energy testing using the body’s muscles (kinesiology) to give me information about what energy systems might be out of balance. I have a massage couch which you lie on for this, always fully clothed. After the testing is complete I will use the information gleaned from the testing to balance energy systems that are out of balance. Sometimes I will cover you with a blanket to ensure you remain warm during the session. At the end of the session it is likely I will provide energy exercises for you to do at home to support your return to a balanced healthy you!

What if I fall asleep?

Falling asleep is fine, many people have! Although it is also just as OK to talk and ask questions during the session.

How many sessions will I need?

This totally depends on what the challenge is that you are working with and how much you follow the exercises at home.