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I have a practice room behind my house in Hilversum, The Netherlands where I do in person sessions in Energy Medicine. The cost of a session is €80.

A typical session will involve an intake form which is sent to you in advance and we will discuss what you want to achieve in terms of your energetic balance. Usually there are energy exercises to do between sessions. Each session is between 75 and 90 minutes.

During the session I use muscle testing to ascertain which energy systems are out of balance and then bring them into balance. This usually involves holding points on the body or in the field.

Any sort of imbalance in the body, physical illness or simply just feeling a bit off colour or tired can be helped with Energy work and I am continually amazed by the progress clients make in terms of their health and wellbeing.

In addition to Energy Medicine, I also provide coaching sessions which can be either in person or over skype/zoom/facetime. These coaching sessions can be focused on anything, a life challenge you are facing or a health challenge or anything else that may be supported by talking to someone in confidence.

Coaching sessions are charged at €60 per session or 6 sessions for €300 (prepaid in advance)


Sometimes clients have questions about the sessions. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

• What does an energy session consist of?
The first session is always a bit longer (1.5 hours) and you will already have completed an intake form which we will then refer to whilst setting the goals of the sessions. Then I will do some energy testing using the body’s muscles (kinesiology) to give me information about what energy systems might be out of balance. I have a massage couch which you lie on for this, always fully clothed. After the testing is complete I will use the information gleaned from the testing to balance energy systems that are out of balance. Sometimes I will cover you with a blanket to ensure you remain warm during the session. At the end of the session it is likely I will provide energy exercises for you to do at home to support your return to a balanced healthy you!

• What if I fall asleep?
Falling asleep is fine, many people have! Although it is also just as OK to talk and ask questions during the session.

• How many sessions will I need?
This totally depends on what the challenge is that you are working with and how much you follow the exercises at home.