When we talk about energy in the English language, it is usually a reference to how much of it you have, like a battery reading. If you are feeling low on energy then it is hard to get through the day and often we remedy that by fuelling more, resting or exercising in the hope that we feel more energetic.

When I first learned about Energy Medicine, I discovered that there are 9 energy systems in the body, I had only heard of two, the Aura which is quite commonly known and the Meridians which I knew because I had previously had an acupuncture session and knew that it was points along the meridian pathways that acupuncturists use to treat patients. In the next few years of studying, I discovered that some fascinating facts about energy. For example, physical issues will show up in the Aura before they show up in the body! So wouldn’t it be great if we all kept our auras strong and clear? Also if your energy systems are in balance then the body will get on with it’s wonderful ability to heal itself. One of the 9 energy systems is called the Radiant Circuits and they become radiant when we are joyful and they can then support other energy system to come into balance, so laughter is perhaps indeed the best medicine!

The 9 systems are:

  • Aura
  • Meridians
  • Radiant circuits
  • Chakras
  • Triple Warmer
  • 5 Rhythms
  • Celtic Weave
  • Basic Grid
  • Electrics

All these systems work together and have different aspects in how they affect your energetic balance. By working with these systems using the tools developed and taught by Donna Eden and Prune Harris both of whom have the extraordinary ability to see the energy systems in people and therefore how those systems respond to the tools that they have developed.

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