Working with Grid is the deepest work that an Energy Medicine Practitioner can do and the clients that I have worked with are still feeling the transitional benefits 6 months and more after the session.

Grid is one of the 9 energy systems and can be thought of as the foundations of the body system. Donna Eden is credited with first identifying this as a system in the body. Trauma, physical or emotional, can break the grid system and it is the only system that the body cannot repair by itself. When broken the body invokes another energy system to work with a broken grid to hold it together until it can be repaired.

In order for grid work to be undertaken the rest of the energy systems need to be in balance which can take up to 6 months of bimonthly sessions with me or with another energy practitioner.

The process of Grid repair is in three steps, firstly, there is a pre-grid session, then the grid repair session and then a post grid integration session. The grid repair session can be up to 3 hours and afterwards it is important that you have space and time to yourself for at least 72 hours. It may be that there is more than one Grid in the body that needs repair, in which case further Grid sessions can be planned, usually this would be 6 or more months after the first one has been repaired.

Grid kopie 3