Regression is a way of working with historical, may even be past life patterns that may be affecting your current life. Regression allows a client to recall these previous events whilst the practitioner is balancing the energy systems affected, thus affecting the pattern. These sessions can have a profound effect on the client and a period of integration may be required.

A regression session can last up to two house and involves the practitioner using a process of guided meditation to arrive at another time and place whilst working with your energy systems to create balance.

Indications that a regression session is needed maybe one of the following:
• Images of feeling that make no sense but are important to the client
• A health challenge that is not responding in the way you expect
• A repeating pattern in your life that is not easily explained (e.g. not obviously linked to a past event) and not responding to efforts to change it.
• A spontaneous regression that unfolds during a standard EEM session.

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