What cliënts say about Alison.

Over the last years, I’ve worked with many people, working in various disciplines and branches. I’m very pleased to share with you, some of the testimonials I received from cliënts.

“I love receiving Energy Medicine treatments from Alison.  As an experienced EEM practitioner I do not trust just anyone to work on me. Alison’s extensive training, experience, intuitive insight and light, no-nonsense attitude make her one of my favourite people to go to!

I have received in depth treatments and healing from Alison and she has helped me out in many ways. I’m very proud of her as the first advanced Eden Energy Medicine practitioner in The Netherlands”.

Ingrid, The Netherlands

“Alison’s sessions really helped me take back control of my health. Not only through her energy work but also through her nurturing nature and her positive outlook that anyone can heal.”

Sarah, The Netherlands

“Energy medicine is not something I had ever thought of exploring until about 4years ago. I was on maternity leave and remember meeting up with Alison and her having such a calm effect on my baby (and to be honest me too!) Whenever I am around Alison I feel safe, warm and dare I say a sense of love.

I first had a session out of curiosity but was hooked from the very start. I felt an overwhelming sense of having found something that really resonated with me on a spiritual and mental well-being level.

Alison is a wise, strong and inspirational human being and I can’t begin to describe the positive change that I have felt in myself over the past 3/4years. I felt broken and lost when I first started my journey and although I am by no means “healed” I am 100% stronger and more empowered than I have ever been and that is thanks to the wonders and magical guidance of Alison.”

Renee, The Netherlands